Saturday, December 16, 2017

India : Kobad Ghandy Re- Arrested - Press Statement from Kobad Ghandy

After being acquitted in all cases and spending eight years and three months in jail, when I, Kobad Ghandy was finally released from jail, I was re-arrested by the Jharkhand Police just three days after release. On Dec 16, 2017, I was attending the Achempet Court (near Hyderabad), the Jharkhand, accompanied by the APSIB (Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau) arrested me and took me by flight to Ranchi.

This FIR has been pending since 2010 and even though I and the Cherlapalli jail authorities wrote to the JMFC Bokaro/Tenughat twice for production there was no response. The first letter was written more than one year back on November 2, 2016. And when there was no response to this a reminder was sent by me and the jail authorities on March 9, 2017. Still there was no response.

Though I am 71 years and in serious health conditions. Immediately after release I had a check-up at the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, which recommended at least one month's complete rest. 

It is clear the police methods are being used to kill legally, given I am 71 years old and in very poor health. Since seven years they did not bother about this case, but in order to keep me in jail as an under trial indefinitely, they arrested me immediately on release.

In the case they have taken me, most have been acquitted and the rest are on bail. Yet the harassment.

If anything serious happens to my health in jail with this arrest, I will hold the government responsible. Given that I have been acquitted in all cases, that most have been acquitted in this case, and my age and health condition, demand my immediate release.

Kobad Ghandy

Dec 16, 2017

India Seeks To Reshape Its Armored Forces

Catalonia :'Future of Article 155 central in campaign debate'

Democracy and Class Struggle says the struggle in Catalonia is very important for the future of national rights and democracy not only in Spain but all of Europe.

The absence of a Marxist Leninist Maoist Revolutionary Party to lead working class National and Social Liberation in Catalonia is not the absence of the relevance of  Catalan Struggle to Europe and the rest of the World,

Catalonia's most hesitant bourgeoisie is confirmation that only the working class can lead the national struggle to success

In the absence of a revolutionary MLM  Party in Catalonia Democracy and Class Struggle like our Welsh Comrades in Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr critically supports Popular Unity CUP in Catalan Elections and a Constituent Assembly Process to create a democratic Constitution for the New Catalan Republic.

Those revisionists and  social democrats who rally to the defense of the Spanish State are promoting Social Fascism.

We know these  "Revolutionary" Leftists who love the Spanish the British and Imperialist French States very well.

They are opposed to the revolutionary smashing of these Imperialist States and are terrified of real revolution

They have good reason to fear us as their political days are numbered.

India : Hyderabad Friends and Comrades Released

I, along with 18 other friends, was released at 9.45 and reached home by 10.30.

Today I am a little busy on some other preoccupation and I will write a detailed note most probably tomorrow on what happened and how. Anyway, Thanks from depths of my heart for you concern.

N Venugopal Rao

Friday, December 15, 2017

India: Condemn the arrest of Comrade Varavara Rao, Dr. C Kaseem, Paani, Geetanjali, ma bhoomi Sandya, Kurmanath, Ramkhi, Sagar, Aravind and Nalamasa krishna

                                                              Comrade Varavara Rao

Democracy and Class Struggle has just heard from Hyderabad of the arrests of comrades Varavara Rao, Dr. C Kaseem, Paani, Geetanjali, ma bhoomi Sandya, Kurmanath, Ramkhi, Sagar, Aravind and Nalamasa krishna.

Publicize widely and condemn the arrests.

N Venugopal Rao writes 

Shameful Act of Telangana Government

Friends, in protest of Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu (World Telugu Conference, a state sponsered circus in the mame of language and literature), Virasam gave a call to boycott and organised a protest demonstration at Sri Sri’s statue on Tank Bund at 4 pm today. 

I am not part of Virasam, but independently oppose government’s tamasha. 

At 2 pm, two hours ahead of demonstration, police came to my home and said they are making a preventive arrest. 

I was brought to kanchan bagh police station. Around 5 pm many others including varavara rao, pani, kasim, geetanjali, maabjoomi sandhyakka are also brought to the same police station. 

Till now there is no sign of release...

Nepal Deserves Better than a cabal of Old and New Revisionists : Statement from Democracy and Class Struggle

                                                              Oli and Prachanda

Democracy and Class Struggle has seen some people hail the victory of Prachanda in Alliance with UML in Nepal - this perfidious combination of old and new revisionism is nothing to celebrate

It appears Prachanda's group got 14% of the vote and UML got 36%  and Nepali Congress 35%.

Prachanda with Bhattarai are the men who supported the Nepalese Army dispersing Peoples Liberation Army  members from their encampments,

The People's War was betrayed for a corrupt Bourgeois Republic to be run by Old and New Revisionist running dogs. 

Nepal Deserves Better than a cabal of Old and New Revisionists

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism? How can it apply to Ireland today?

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a third and higher stage in the development of scientific socialism. Marxism was developed by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in the Epoch of Capitalism.

Marxism-Leninism was developed by Lenin and Stalin building on the universal aspects of Marxism through the experience of the worlds first successful socialist revolution and the construction of socialism in the USSR and Maoism, was first developed by Chairman Mao Tse- Tung and the communists of China, building on the universal aspects of Marxism- Leninism and through the victory of the Chinese revolution and the development of the struggle against imperialism.

As Marxism-Leninism is more than the adoption of Marxism to Russian conditions, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is more then the adoption of Marxism to Chinese conditions.

The universal aspects of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism were synthesized in the 1980s by the Communist Party of Peru, under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, developing the theory of Maoism into a great universal weapon of the working class through the fire of revolution.

Today, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism gives hope to all those struggling for communism against the betrayal of revisionism and sets out a roadmap for victory in the struggle for national liberation and socialism, through the theory of Protracted People’s War, the Military theory of the working class that has guided successful revolutions in China, People’s Korea and Vietnam and continues to be utlised by the people of India, the Philippines, Nepal with devastating effect, continuing to inspire Working Class and oppressed peoples all over the world.

Irish Revolutionaries have always sought to apply the most advanced methods of scientific socialism to the concrete conditions of the struggle for national liberation and socialism.James Connolly and Liam Mellows successfully applied the Marxist Method to the Irish Struggle, which was built on later by revolutionary cadre such as Seamus Costello to build a Marxist Leninist fighting organisation of the Irish Working Class.

Since the victory of the Chinese Revolution in 1949, have closely studied the experience of Mao and Maoism. During the border campaign from 1956-1962, IRA Prisoners, led by Seamus Costello, then just a teenager, studied the Chinese Revolution and the struggle for national liberation and socialism in Vietnam and attempted to apply the lessons of those struggles to Ireland.

On release, this led the IRA to adopt a position of engaging in revolutionary mass work alongside its military campaign. During the 1960s, Seamus Costello, then a member of the IRA Army Council approaches Revolutionary China for Financial support, weapons and training for IRA Cadre to continue the struggle for national liberation and socialism.

And again in the 1980s, as the People’s War was waging in Peru, a number of IRA commanders along Britain’s illegal border in Ireland, who had studied the writings of Mao while in prison, began to develop a strategy for Protracted People’s War in Ireland.

IRA Cadre such as Jim Lynagh, Padraig McKearney, Seamus McElwaine, Padraig Kelly were to the fore in attempting to create liberated areas along the border that could be linked together to create a system revolutionary dual power and were said by comrades to building towards a Vietnam style TET offensive.

These IRA leaders and their comrades however, were systematically taken out in targeted assassinations by British terrorists in Ireland.

One again, in the 21st century, Irish Revolutionaries and the Irish Working Class must look to the most advanced teachings of scientific socialism to advance our struggle for national liberation and socialism. Irish Revolutionaries must study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and attempt to apply its universal aspects to the conditions in Ireland today.

The building of a United Front, uniting all revolutionary forces in the struggle for national liberation and socialism is one of the most pressing tasks for Irish Revolutionaries.

The United Front, one of the key tools of Maoist Strategy and Tactics and long advocated in Ireland by Seamus Costello under the name ‘Anti- Imperialist Broad Front’ is the vehicle through which the Irish Working Class can defeat capitalism and imperialism and rebuild the Socialist Republic.

This is for our generation. 

Study and Develop Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! 

Build the United/ Anti-Imperialist Broad Front!


Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)

Democracy and Class Struggle says this interview reveals more about the social democratic views of Kuznik than previous interviews - the comments on backward countries lead to backward socialism is blatant social imperialism with overtones of kautskyism and trotskyism old twin running dogs of social democracy.

Leninism and Maoism understands the basis of the advanced and backward ideologically and the backwardness of Western Social Democrats like Peter Kuznik.

Also the modern US revisionist current of Browderism ( the backward revision of communism ) did not come from nowhere and seriously  underestimated US Imperialism after the Second World War to the detriment of the working people of the United States - it also finds an echo in the Kuznik interview.   

Democracy and Class Struggle says New Deal in the USA like the Welfare State in Britain has been  finally undone by the neo liberal capitalist evangelists.

What lessons should we learn today 80 years later from the New Deal and Welfare State ?

My late comrade Arthur Evans who lived in United States through the New Deal and was a member of the Communist Party of The United States and in Britain was a member of the CPGB in the 1940/50's told me the New Deal/Welfare State was also a Warfare State.

The Communists in the United States became not just John L Lewis's hunting dogs but Roosevelt's hunting dogs and Earl Browder was the pack leader, saving democracy from Fascism was seen has the overridding consideration.

However subordinating domestic revolutionary politics came at a cost and the ease at which the Mob put Harry S Truman in power following the death of Roosevelt illustrated how narrow was the base for even a social democratic socialism in the United States.

Likewise in Britain the Welfare State came into existence at the same time of bloody interventions by British Imperialism in Greece and Malaya and the Warfare State has seen out the Welfare State.

Henry Wallace's Century of the Common Man gave way to the American Century of Time Magazine.

The American Century was a bloody Imperialist one, the Warfare State eroded the Welfare State and  destroyed the New Deal.

Moranbong Band & State Merited Chorus concert in celebration of ICBM Hwasong-15 (summary)

Democracy and Class Struggle says after 70 years of nuclear blackmail by the United States of the DPRK the DPRK has now trumped Trump with a nuclear deterrence of their own - so any aggressor knows the devastating price they will have to pay for violating North Korean Sovereignty,

The United States should leave the Korean Peninsula and the 38th Parallel another US creation made in 1945 on a map in Washington without Korean consent must come to an end.

On the day after Nagasaki was obliterated, John J. McCloy of the War Department asked Dean Rusk and a colleague to go into a spare office and think about how to divide Korea. They chose the 38th parallel, and three weeks later 25,000 American combat troops entered southern Korea to establish a military government - Bruce Cumins in a Murderous History of Korea.

Russia not the United States is a possible mediator for North and South Korean dialogue of re-unification  of the Korean Peninsula just like in the Middle East the role of United States is coming to an end - what we see are last final attempts to retain US hegemony in North Asia by unleashing Japanese Imperialism and the Ideology of Nippon Kaigi.  

Unleashing Japanese Imperialism will prove the dialectic of history at work again - the United States not the Korea's North or South will pay the price for this monsterous act.

US Can No Longer Mediate Middle East Peace Process - Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian President

Democracy  and  Class Struggle says US action over Jerusalem has even become unacceptable to the Middle East States - to even the running dogs of US imperialism - what has been obvious for ages that the US was the enabler of Israeli expansionism now is obvious to all.

We are witnessing the end of US Role in Middle East but it will probably take one final war to prove it conclusively and the new agents of that US Israeli defeat are stronger than they have ever been in the region.

Contrary to myths the Arab Street is not dead but it is finding new ways to surface and Trump's decision on Jerusalem is revitilizing the Arab Street after a short period of dormancy.

Biding your time until new openings arise shows the intelligence of the Arab Street - and Trumps' decision on Jerusalem is confirmation of the dialectic of history Trumps negation will be  the affirmation of the Palestinian Cause.